Welcome to TweeterYeeter, the easiest and cheapest (free) way to delete all of your tweets.

Why TweeterYeeter? Aren't there already a bazillion other tweet deleting services?: Every other tweet deleting service I have found can only delete up to 3600 tweets for free. This is a limitation of the Twitter API, and while services can get more than the 3600 tweets it uses an API that costs money. This service can delete each and every tweet possible without costing any money at all since it uses your Twitter data export.

TweeterYeeter is a project by MattDahEpic.

To report an issue either reach out on Twitter or via my website. When reporting an issue, please tell me what the issue is, how to reproduce it if possible, and what device you are using.

If you're from a press organization covering this project, I'd love to know! Please drop me a line on Twitter or via my website.

TweeterYeeter uses Google services such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google reCaptcha. Data such as your IP and device identifiers may be shared with Google to facilitate the usage of these services and to keep TweeterYeeter running, stable, and my motivation for maintaining it alive.

Thank you for using TweeterYeeter!